January 15, 2014

Maternity Pictures

 photo 6-640_zps5ee858f6.jpg
 photo 2-640_zps726f68c0.jpg
 photo 3-640_zps01a2cc9f.jpg
 photo 4-640_zps0b2f60a9.jpg
 photo 1-640_zpsc9a4e0ef.jpg

We knew we wanted maternity pictures done but we sure did wait until last minute.
I was 35 weeks along when we got them done. I'm glad we did them, even though at the time I was swollen, sore and felt huge everywhere. I will treasure these pictures forever. We loved our baby boy right from the minute we knew he'd be joining our family for eternity. These pictures captured all that love we felt while i carried him. 

January 9, 2014

All the belly shots

 28 Weeks on my birthday weekend. 

One of the last belly shots. 37 weeks exactly. 

I feel like the belly shot series is just a way to see how fat i got through out my pregnancy since my belly was not the only thing growing. haha 
Oh well. I definitely packed on the pounds in my last trimester. It was hard, physically and emotionally. I remember crying and thinking how fat my body had gotten but then i realized it was just all temporary and i'd have a chance to change it back to what it used to be like. Most importantly I knew it would all be very much worth it and I would get the sweetest baby boy from it all. 

I should not complain because this crazy body of mine was so strong through out my whole pregnancy. I had no clue it could endure what it went through. I am grateful it was healthy to carry our precious baby boy. So grateful. 

Oh and I feel like i should say that the chalkboard idea was not such a great idea. It required too much work. Next time around i will not be doing them again. 

January 8, 2014

Final Pregnancy Journals

Open pictures in another tab for larger view if you'd like.

Documenting this pregnancy has been fun. I am sure i will treasure these forever. I wasn't as persistent as I would have liked but i do love how they turned out. 

I am hoping to get them printed and into a little book. 

I got the idea from here and here